Human Resource Management System

Redsphere HRMS is a new age, one stop solution for managing all human resource processes. It allows companies to centralize confidential employee information and define access permissions to authorized personnel to ensure that employee information is both secure and accessible.

Some of the core features of the Human Resource System are:

  1. Company Management: Store and manage details about how companies, departments and branches of the organisation are connected
  2. Employee Information: Manage all information about an employee on a single screen, search qualifications, skills and other employee information across whole company.
  3. Employee Appraisal: Fully equipped performance appraisal module helps you to assess your employee’s overall performance over a specific period of time and empowers you to define and build your own appraisal process.
  4. Employee Self Service: Enable employees to access and modify information pertinent to them and putting an end to time consuming administration and paperwork. Empowers manager to view and update team members.
  5. Analytics: Comprehensive series of analytics that represent broad range of features graphically pertaining to key activities in the system and define long term and short term goals to set the course for your organization.
  6. Background Checks: Increase candidates and employees quality by gathering comprehensive background checks.
  7. Automated Leave Management: Add own leave types, make exceptions to individual employees and groups using leave rules. It also supports leave accrual and carry forwarding to next leave period.
  8. Recruitment & Application Tracking: The system provides an automated system for employee recruitment and manage interview processes including scheduling and approvals.
  9. Timesheets: Track time spent by employees on various projects, activities and time offs.